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Tamiya 35320 - 135 Scale German Field Military Police - WWII-01

Most German Army divisions in WWII usually had their own field military police platoons. These units were tasked with directing traffic along routes of advance and resupply, manning checkpoints, handling prisoners as well as deserters, and maintaining law and order of captured territories. Soldiers in these field military police units were distinguished by insignia on the left sleeves of their uniforms as well as a special gorget on their chest, which led regular soldiers to derisively call them chain dogs.

  • 1/35 scale assembly kit figure set includes 5 field military policemen and a police dog.
  • 3 of the figures depict military policemen at a checkpoint, with one figure motioning for a vehicle to stop, another posed as if checking identification papers, and a supervising officer.
  • The 2 other figures depict a pair of patrolling military policemen with their dog.
  • Set also includes accessories such as helmets and small arms.
  • Ideal for diorama scenes with 1/35 scale vehicle models.
  • Use with Item 12641 WWII German Military Insignia Decal Set (Africa Corps/Waffen SS).
Tamiya 35320 - 1/35 Scale German Field Military Police - WWII-
Tamiya 35320 - 1/35 Scale German Field Military Police - WWII-

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