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Tamiya 18630 - JR Dash-3 Shooting Star - MS Chassis-01

Tamiya 18630 1/32 Mini 4WD Dash-3 Shooting Star (MS Chassis)


Shinkuro’s Flying Machine

This assembly kit will give you lots of fun racing this high performance Mini 4WD PRO machine. The centrally located double shaft motor effectively transmits power to all four wheels for optimum performance. The “One-Touch” three piece chassis requires no glue and is a breeze to assemble. You will enjoy the fast speed of this machine and its wide choice of settings. Minami Shinkuro’s Dash-3 Shooting Star machine was one of the main rivals to the Dash corps. The original form of this dynamic machine as seen in the comic magazine, including the forward positioned canopy, the extended side pontoons, large diameter air-intake etc. have been realistically reproduced on the excellent MS chassis. An N-02 nose unit and four spoke wheels with large diameter slick tires are also included in the kit.

MS Chassis

The excellent three piece MS Chassis has its motor and battery loaded in the centerpiece, which provides superb stability at high speeds.

Tamiya 18630 - JR Dash-3 Shooting Star - MS Chassis
Tamiya 18630 - JR Dash-3 Shooting Star - MS Chassis
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