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The perfect facial sponge for normal to combination or oily T-Zone skin.

Th Konjac Puff is a puff that contains natural konjac jelly to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Each sponge is enriched with 90% Natural Konjac and 10% of white clay depending on the option you choose. These natural minerals help to soften and brighten the skin by cleansing and removing dead cells without causing skin irritation. The uniquely designed network fiber structure of the sponge ensures that waste is removed while maintaining the not-so-rough massaging effect for beautiful skin.
This konjac puff helps to gently cleanse the skin thoroughly.
Natural konjac material while massaging even without facial cleanser

How to use:
Please use it returns a sponge with warm water, and then washing and rinsing thoroughly.
Please massage gently in a circular motion while entering the bathtub.
Angle plug and dirt is easy to come off smoothly by using in the state that the pores open.
Because you can use it even with a facial cleanser, please choose according to the state of the skin.

Lucky Trendy Dry Knojak Face Massage Puff (Charcoal)-
Lucky Trendy Dry Knojak Face Massage Puff (Charcoal)-
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