Sponge Hair Curler / Hair Roller 28mm (8pcs)-Free Shipping

Sponge Hair Curler  Hair Roller 28mm (8pcs)-01


Lucky Trendy Fuwakaru Curler M



SMIC / polyethylene outer / Nylon


Purpose: for curly hair.


Features: Long hair teeth can firmly caught up hair curls sponge core, the more light and more comfortable. Rollable aquiline bangs, fluffy head and side hair, hair slightly playful. Usage: After a little wet hair, grabbed a handful of the right amount of hair curls according to the width of the start-up from the tail to the love of heights, then a hair dryer can be. Can be used with the use of stereotypes liquid.



This product is not high temperature, do not dry with high temperatures.

Please place the child is not easy to obtain.

If it is damaged or variant, do not replace it.

Keep away from sources of ignition and hot, humid places.

When used, if the scalp anomalies occur, discontinue use and consult a physician opinions.



Sponge Hair Curler / Hair Roller 28mm (8pcs)
Sponge Hair Curler / Hair Roller 28mm (8pcs)
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