Hot Item- Lucky Trendy 3D Spherical Bomb Curl Brush Full Round / Popular Round Brush Curls

Lucky Trendy 3D Spherical Bomb Curl Brush Full Round Popular Round Brush Curls-01

LUCKY TRENDY   Bomb Curl Brush

One of a Kind Brush!

Create volumes, curls, and easily de-tangle your hair all with just one versatile brush!

The Lucky 3D Trendy Bomb Curl Brush is a spherical comb that will catch hair from any angle, 360 degrees around.

Any style is possible – inner curls, loose wavy style and bob hairstyle.

The hollow design of the brush makes it suitable for styling with the a hair dryer as well,

drying hair faster and reduce hair damage. This brush is truly a must-have on your dressing table.


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