G&P 8mm Bearing Complete Gerabox Set (Front)-GP857A


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– For G&P M120 High Speed Motor (GP561)
– Power: 150%
– 8mm Bearing Gearbox
– 8mm Bearing
– 8mm Selector Plate
– Cylinder
– Metal Cylinder Head
– Metal Nozzle
– Metal Spring Guide – Piston Head
– Piston
– Steel Gears
– Tappet
– High Flux Electronic wire & switch
– Metal M4 Cocking Handle
– Magazine Catch
– Bolt Stop
– Trigger Guard
– Selector

G&P 8mm Bearing Complete Gerabox Set (Front)-GP857A
G&P 8mm Bearing Complete Gerabox Set (Front)-GP857A

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Price: $146.00
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