D1 SPEC VSD V Power Ignition Amplifier System Booster System Controller – Free Shipping – D1 Spec – D1-VSD5

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D1 SPEC VSD V Power Ignition Amplifier System Booster System Controller

D1 SPEC VSD V Power Ignition Amplifier System Booster System Controller - Free Shipping - D1 Spec - D1-VSD5 D1-VSD5-3


The 16V has been an unsatisfactory standard to the customers who chase ultimate performance. Because of this, we present the new generation VSD5. This product can increase the voltage up to 18V. Consumers can adjust the output voltage from 15.8~18V depends on different needs and situations. This product has LED Voltage Display Device so that the customers can see the condition of VSD at one glance.

* Brand NEW in BOX Ready for dispatch, Quality Guaranteed

* Genuine D1 SPEC Products, 100% Japanese Designed!! Manufactured in TAIWAN, Quality Guaranteed.

* All D1 SPEC products comes with Replacement warranties 36 months**

==Product Information== 

* Slim Designed External Voltage Controller + Display

* Increase your ignition original setting 12~14V up to 15.8V; can be manually adjust up to 18V depends on your modifications

* LED Display Volt Meter; Display your current ignition system Voltage setting

* Increase the Horsepower and Torque

* Decrease Carbon Dust Accumulation:
Strengthen the ignition system to burn the gasoline fully, It will not only decrease the carbon dust accumulation because of incomplete burning, but also lengthen the life of engine and exhaust system

* Decrease Fuel Wasting effectively:
Burning efficiency becomes better and better after the ignition performance is promoted, Using every drop of gasoline effectively can decrease fuel wasting up to 20%

* Universal Fits all vehicles (for all turbo and N/A Car )

* 1 x [Japan] D1 SPEC VSD “V” Ignition Booster System (VSD 5)

* Made of Billet Aluminum Case

* Support up to 8 cylinder

* More Spark energy & Power

* Quicker Throttle response

* Improves idle & starting

* Fuel efficiency

* Comes with English Manual

Autobahn88 D1-VSD5
Autobahn88 D1-VSD5

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Price: $199.99
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